We provide industrial cleaning solution for different field

Food Industry

Agricultural Industry

Vehicle Cleaning

Rail Traffic

Military Facilities

Petro Chemical and Other Field


Innovation Comes From Practice

  • 35 years

    Partner’s Cleaning Service Experience

  • 5

    National Inventory Patent

  • 100%

    Integrate world resources

  • 3000

    Annually Serve Customers

  • 45

    Utility Model Patent

  • 100%

    Consumables R&D is originally from Germany


  Mellberg is specialized in environmental sanitation in the industrial sector, providing integrated cleaning and disinfection solutions. We have decades of experience in cleaning and disinfection services, with a wide product portfolio covering a wide range of customers, involved in food, aquaculture, transportation, petrochemical, military and other industries.

  The Mellberg Technology R&D Center is located in Fulda, Germany. We can meet all the environmental sanitation needs of your factory and integrate the global industrial cleaning resources to provide you with comprehensive solutions for cleaning, disinfection and pest control.

  Product innovation, has been deep into every project we serve. A dedicated attitude, gives you more confidence in our cleaning equipment and solutions, to ensure you a healthy and efficient working environment, and production safety.